Christmas Festival Food

Christmas is all about traditions in the heart of the home - the kitchen. At Gary’s we are excited to share our Christmas traditions with our guests!

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Christmas Cookies: A Tradition

I remember when all my cousins and I would gather at Grandma’s house to decorate sugar cookies. Grandma made the softest most yummy Christmas cookies in all kinds of fun shapes. 

So many colors of frosting and sprinkles. Grandma would tell us not to eat the frosting or sprinkles. We still always did and grandma would smile and turn away and pretend she didn’t see us. 

At Gary’s we are excited to offer cookie decorating kits for you to take home and continue this classic Christmas tradition! 

Our tradition doesn’t stop at decorating cookies! Stop by our Red Barn and new exit to pick up more goodies.

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Cranberry Donuts

Don't miss this magical Christmas event!

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